A New Arrival at The Retreat on Sunday’s Healing Day!

On Sunday, 20th September, we held a Singing Bowl Healing day at The Retreat, and we were blessed by wonderful weather for late September. The traditional grounds walk took place after lunch, and in the pasture beyond the west lawn, we saw a surprise newcomer – a foal!


Cheryle and Asher, who rent our stables and pastures, had kept us updated on the imminent arrival, but he took us all by surprise, appearing out-of-the-blue on Sunday morning.

It was kind of Cheryle and Asher to ask whether Kendo wanted to name the foal, and since the Japanese Tea Ceremony was also held on Sunday in Kendo’s Tea Room (which is dedicated to his own sensei, Kenshiro Abbe), it is no surprise that Abbe was the name chosen.

Truly, a noble name for a noble creature, who is very welcome to our Retreat family!

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