Would You Like To Know More About Kendo’s New Meditation? Here It Is!

A New You Tube Video Explains Kendo’s New Meditation In Depth…

Kendo Nagasaki's "Zen Kyu Shin Do Meditation"

There is a new guided meditation from Kendo Nagasaki, which has a fascinating background and is wonderful to experience, and – most importantly – it really works!

The “Zen Kyu Shin Do Meditation” contains an atmospheric arrangement of Kendo’s Anthem and nature-sounds from the grounds of the retreat, as well as healing Zen Singing Bowls as played by Kendo himself. These help the listener to achieve deep relaxation, and the spiritual wisdom then guides one towards an inspired way of helping get life into perspective…

Achieving the deep inner peace of Zen is facilitated by the wisdom of sensei Kenshiro Abbe, the fascinating judo teacher and sensei to Yogensha, the man behind Kendo’s mask. Sensei Abbe developed the Kyu Shin Do philosophy, which has underpinned everything that Kendo has done over the last half-century-plus, and it has been inspiring Yogensha even longer.

Click on the picture above to be taken directly to the explanatory You Tube video, and find out how Kendo has created a meditation which helps the listener to the peace of Zen, through sensei Abbe’s Kyu Shin Do philosophy – as in anything to do with Kendo Nagasaki, it’s deep and powerful stuff!


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