The Lee Rigby House Featured on ITV News

Here at the Nagasaki Retreat, we’ve been working hard on the Lee Rigby House, so that the Lee Rigby Foundation can bring families here as soon as possible for a much-needed break. We were delighted when Granada ITV News wanted to film a feature on it, and the resulting clip is a wonderful demonstration of the sanctuary it is becoming, for bereaved families and forces’ Veterans.

ITV filmed a lot more when they were here, including the Lee Rigby Lodge and more interviews, but they only had a very short window of air-time, so even though it got edited down, we’re delighted with their work.

ITV News want to come back to film more as we make further progress on the House and the Lodge, and we welcome their interest, as it’ll help spread the word of the work of the Lee Rigby Foundation, particularly to the people who really need their help.

One of the other interviews on the day was with a Veteran of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, who commented on how valuable the Lee Rigby House and Lodge would be – he said, “When I was in a bad place, I really needed peace and quiet and the chance to have a good night’s sleep, as I found that was the first step towards recovering and getting my life back together. This place is just perfect for that – even though it’s not finished, I’d like to move in now!”

We can’t wait to welcome families and Veterans here – everyone knows the benefits of peace and quiet, but for those the Lee Rigby Foundation seeks to help, it is an essential step in healing and rebuilding their lives.

See the ITV News Video here.

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