R.I.P Jimmy Greaves

I was saddened today to hear of the passing of the great Jimmy Greaves, a man who leaves a legacy of remarkable sporting skill, but also of warmth, intelligence, and a good-humoured approach to life.

I had the good fortune to work with Jimmy for a charity wrestling match, arranged by LWT, in December 1986. By this time, Jimmy was established as an extremely popular football pundit on ‘Saint and Greavsie’, and on meeting him I understood the demand for him. For the match, he wore pink – not a colour often seen in a wrestling ring – and it was agreed that Kendo should body-slam him. We discussed the ‘match’ beforehand, and Jimmy’s warmth and humour greatly impressed me. He was the perfect likeable ‘babyface’ foil for Kendo’s gruesome reputation, and I understand the event was very well received.

We all owe Jimmy a great debt of gratitude for the positive way in which he approached life, he was always a fine example of wit and good cheer, and we’re fortunate that he’s left a considerable legacy of video footage with which we can fondly remember him.

 A life well-lived, admirably so – rest in peace, Jimmy Greaves.

 Kendo Nagasaki / Peter Thornley.

Jimmy Greaves vs Kendo Nagasaki

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