Kendo Nagasaki returns to the Victoria Hall, Hanley,
as the Sword of Excellence Feud Continues..!

In a move of incredible insolence, Yorghos, the LDN Wrestling champion, accompanied by Hakan, snatched the Sword of Excellence from Kendo Nagasaki’s merchandise table while the legendary star was signing autographs at Grays on 19th July. Yorghos claimed he intended to return the sword to Robbie Brookside, as he felt Brookside deserved it. Atlantis Chronos Goth warned Yorghos about how dangerous his actions would be for him and for Hakan, but he just walked away with the sword. Kendo Nagasaki is scheduled to meet Yorghos and Hakan in the ring on 20th September, and, as Atlantis said, there will be Hell to pay for their actions!!!

Also to be featured on the night will be the first public screening of a unique animation of Kendo Nagasaki, as seen through the eyes of an artist.

It’s going to be a HELL of a night – BE THERE!!!

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