Lloyd Ryan is Disloyal to Kendo Nagasaki!

In an astonishing outburst, Lloyd Ryan is publicly disloyal to Kendo Nagasaki!

Following the chaotic conclusion to the Kendo Nagasaki Sword of Excellence show at Bath, at which Robbie Brookside was not awarded the Sword of Excellence and then overturned Kendo Nagasaki’s merchandise table, Lloyd Ryan has taken a position in conflict with Kendo Nagasaki.

In an interview with LDN Wrestling, Lloyd Ryan publicly stated that he disagreed with Kendo Nagasaki regarding the outcome of the match – he said he felt that Brookside won the match and should be awarded the Sword of Excellence. He said in the dressing-room immediately after the match, he’d challenged Kendo on this point, stating that he felt that Brookside should be awarded the Sword of Excellence.

We can confirm that this did happen, and for Lloyd Ryan to question the wisdom of Kendo Nagasaki is outrageous – it’s ignorant, insubordinate and arrogant.

At the conclusion of the LDN interview, Lloyd Ryan stated that he wanted nothing more to do with Kendo Nagasaki, referring to him as “…a being who is pure evil…”, and he then had the insolence to state that Kendo Nagasaki had “…offended the ancestors…”.

Atlantis Chronos Goth responds:

“Lloyd Ryan is a great disappointment to us – his outburst on Television about Kendo Nagasaki and myself was rife with the insubordination and disloyalty of a misguided underling. Lloyd Ryan should regard Kendo Nagasaki as a master on absolutely every level – it is outrageous that he should attempt to second-guess such a true master. If these outbursts continue, and if he acts against us, Ryan will feel the full force of our combined powers, which is a force that no wrestler could resist, let alone a mere manager!”

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