…a Fan’s Suggestion for BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year…

A quote from Rick Broadbent’s “Couch Potato – Weekend Viewing Guide”:

“If personality played a part, why did Kendo Nagasaki, famed Samurai wrestler from Preston, never win? Dear voter, has Tony McCoy ever hypnotised an opponent and done a ceremonial unmasking at Willenhall Baths?”

Rick makes an excellent point – Kendo is a unique, enduring, and towering icon of British sports!

3 Responses to …a Fan’s Suggestion for BBC’s Sports Personality of the Year…

  • Hi i have look at this great website for a very long time and it is great. the above on kendo framed samuari wrestler from preston, is this true it puts a diffrent handle on things with regard to the greatman was he born in preston and lived in crewe many thanks keep the web site going when will kendo finish his life story
    Many Thanks
    Lofty Waterman

  • Atlantis says:

    Hi Lofty;

    Thanks for your comment – we’ll continue developing the website, as there’s always something new to say about Kendo!

    As regards your questions, I’ve copied your text to the Forum, and will answer them there.



  • Hi Atlantis,
    thank you i have read your reply thank you for the answer, i do not whant to upset anyone by asking the question i asked again thank you.