Kendo Announces his 50th Anniversary Event!

***Special Announcement!***

As many of you already know, this year marks the 50th Anniversary of Kendo Nagasaki’s spectacular debut upon the British Professional Wrestling scene, and consequently, he is holding a Special Celebration to mark the occasion.

There is, of course, a further 50-year anniversary celebrated this year involving Kendo, which is that of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, during which, for the first time ever, Judo was included in the games. It was under the tutelage of the great Kenshiro Abbe that the Man Behind the Mask, Yogensha, had intended to compete in that Olympics, but destiny decreed that Kendo Nagasaki would take precedence.

The Celebration Event will take place at exactly 50 years to the minute from Kendo’s first ever wrestling match – he first appeared in the ring at 9:00 pm on Friday 13th November, 1964, so the Official Celebration will be marked at this precise date and time.

The Celebration will take place at the Kendo Nagasaki Retreat in Staffordshire on the 13th November 2014, which is a Thursday. Invited guests will assemble between 7:00 pm and 7:30 pm, and there will be a buffet meal before marking the occasion at 9:00 pm. Invited guests will be able to spend an entire evening with the great Kendo Nagasaki.

How do you get a place at this very Special Event? You have to do 2 things…

Firstly, you need to write about your first experience of Kendo Nagasaki. It doesn’t need to be an essay – in fact, the shorter, the better, as this relates to the second thing: at the 50th Anniversary Event, you will be required to read your tribute out to Kendo and the other attendees.

How many places are available? Well, in keeping with the theme of the Celebration, the 50 people who write the most interesting, most dynamic, and the best observed recollections of their first experience of Kendo Nagasaki will be chosen to attend. Typically of Kendo, it’s a challenge, so those of you who do best at meeting that challenge will be here on the day!

In recognition of the many levels of Kendo’s connections with Japan, a brand new Japanese Cherry Tree Orchard has been planted for the occasion containing 50 new trees, each planted to celebrate a year of Kendo’s wrestling and mystical presence. At the Celebration, the writers of the 50 best “Encounters with Kendo” will read out their tributes to Kendo at an individual tree.

So, get writing! Remember, it shouldn’t be too long – part of the challenge is to keep your story short and punchy, as there will be limited time to share them all.

You can apply by sending your story to All applications must be received by midnight on Wednesday, 13th August 2014. You may also use this email address if you have any questions.

We look forward to meeting 50 of Kendo’s best and keenest fans on the occasion of his 50th Anniversary, and if you can meet his challenge, you can be there, and be a part of this historic event!

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