Update on Kendo’s 50th Anniversary in November

It’s time for an update on Kendo’s 50th Anniversary Celebration due to take place at The Retreat on 13th November 2014.

Firstly, many thanks to all who have submitted their “First Encounter with Kendo Nagasaki” writings – there’s some great stuff there! Now for some organisational details…

As we mentioned previously, on 13th of this month, Kendo will announce which 13 entries have been selected as those he feels are most appropriate to the Anniversary Event in November (these will be the entries which will be read out by their authors on the night), and everyone who has applied – either with a “First Encounter” tribute or just to attend the event – will be emailed. Even if your entry is not chosen to be read out, all those who have submitted an entry will be first in the selection process to attend the event.

We foresee that after 13th August, there will still be non-reading places available to attend the Event, so anyone else who wishes to attend the Event in November can still apply for a place, by emailing us on 50YearCelebration@kendonagasaki.org.

At the Event, Kendo is also planning to hold another Affirmation Stick Burning Ceremony; this is something which was very well received at July’s Event, and so, unless the weather is absolutely prohibitive, he will hold another such ceremony after the reading of the tributes in November. For those who don’t know about this ceremony, in Japan, such sticks are used to convey aspirations, hopes and wishes, such as long life and good health, or success in a new business venture, or safety on the roads, or even good luck in love! If there is any particular thing or energy that you wish to bring to yourself, writing it onto the stick and having it ceremonially burned will release it to the deities, who will then bring that energy to you.

Please watch the Kendo Blog for further updates on the November Event, and all things Kendo Nagasaki!

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