Kendo’s Long-Awaited Movie is HERE!!!

It’s the movie that all wrestling fans have been waiting for – Kendo Nagasaki has just released his astonishing new film, “The English Samurai”.

Mystery and Mayhem – this is Kendo Nagasaki as described by New Generation Wrestling promotions, and they could not have been more accurate!

In an age where everything is explained, rationalised, and de-bunked, the mysteries behind the legendary masked marauder still endure, and they can be seen to go only deeper and ever deeper.

This movie features never-before-seen footage of a whole day surrounding Kendo preparing for a wrestling match, his limo-journey, his encounters with the media, the match itself, and a TV journalist getting more than he bargained for!

The match in question was Kendo’s last ever contest, a highly controversial and brutal clash which, in keeping with Nagasaki’s ruthless history, could only have one outcome – as long as he wasn’t disqualified for his outrageous tactics… Ouch!

And the mysteries? A hint of these have often been seen in the wrestling ring – Kendo clasping his hands to his ears and looking into another time and place, then returning to the fray with increased ferocity. It was said that he was communicating with his samurai ancestors, and finally, this film sheds light on such mysteries, and they go deeper than you could ever imagine…

Truly action-packed, fascinating, and deeply thought-provoking, this film reveals so much about Kendo Nagasaki that his fans have always wanted to know, and more… There’s even an opportunity to see the peace at the heart of the warrior, as he plays singing bowls as a meditation.

There’s never been a film like this – it spans centuries and relates to both the brutally real and the spiritually profound – qualities which Kendo Nagasaki effortlessly encompasses and expresses. For fans of The English Samurai’s unique brand of Mystery and Mayhem, this movie is a must-see!

Available on DVD and Blu-Ray at The Nagasaki Web Store, Region-Free on both formats.



Alternatively, see the trailer for the movie HERE

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