Kendo Extends His Good Wishes to the People of Fukushima

Many of you will have seen Kendo’s Healing Message for March on the Blog for his Healing website, and it has had some very positive feedback, for which he thanks all those who commented.

As he feels so deeply about the plight of the people of Fukushima, Kendo authorised the Healing Message to be translated into Japanese, which was kindly done by our friend in Tokyo, Chris Gould, and the Japanese translation now appears with the English version in the message.

Even before we were granted Charitable Status, The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation had donated to the relief efforts which continue in Fukushima, but Kendo feels that since hope can’t be bought, telling the people of Fukushima personally that we care is an important way to let them know that even half a world away, we support them and wish them all the very best.

Once again, Gambatte Fukushima! Hang in there…

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