Updates and Improvements…

These are exciting times, so we’re just keeping everyone in the loop, as they say…

There won’t be a new video uploaded to Kendo Nagasaki 101 today, as we’ve found that in order to maintain the quality, we need a little more time to make them. This has arisen because of widening interest in Kendo’s empowering practices and what we do here at The Retreat. We look forward to welcoming many more people from diverse groups to The Retreat, and we’re also working on upgrading our infrastructure to accommodate everyone.

You will see an evolution of all the Kendo websites over time – this has already begun, with the linking-together of the main Kendo Nagasaki site, the website of The Kendo Nagasaki Foundation, and the Healing website; navigating between all the sections of information that we have will become progressively easier, and we’ll be making everything fully accessible on all devices too. Information will also be updated and extended as part of this process, so please do keep checking back to the websites.

Of course, if there’s anything that you would like to see happening here at The Retreat, please drop us a line at admin@kendonagasaki.org.

As you can see, inspired as always by the great Kendo Nagasaki, it’s very much a case of “Onwards!”

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