Kendo gets a Mystical New Number Plate!

Kendo has acquired two fascinating items together – a beautiful and extremely rare Lamborghini Diablo Roadster, as well as an excellent number plate to go with it.

The car is, we believe, one of only three ever built just before the take-over by Audi, with open headlamps, 4-wheel drive, the magnificent 5.7-litre V12 engine which went almost unchanged into the newer Murchielago model, and is even more rare by virtue of being one of only a few examples of a right-hand-drive roadster model. It was also owned by Rod Stewart.

The car suits Kendo perfectly – its blend of enormous power, athletic precision, and unmistakable image fit perfectly with the icon himself!

As so often happens around Kendo, circumstances flowed in a perfect harmony to bring just the right number plate to him – 13KN.

KN obviously represent the initials for Kendo Nagasaki, but why is the number 13 significant?

13 has long been associated with matters mystical and occult, and Kendo has always had a keen interest in such things. There are 13 letters in the name Kendo Nagasaki, in classical numerology, his name equates to the number 13, in Egyptian mythology there are 13 steps between life and death, the Romans equated 13 to death and destruction, a coven has 13 members, 13 people at a feast or banquet may signify an untimely death (Jesus Christ, Odin) which reveals karmic consequences, and for many more reasons, 13 is a significant and feared number. Kendo Nagasaki uses the number 13 to shed light upon the interplay between life and death, creation and destruction, good and evil, and thus elevate human understanding of universal laws, which exist beyond simplistic morality.

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