Furious Fall-out as Kendo takes a stand against Mediocrity!

Kendo Nagasaki is infuriated as LDN try to impose restrictions on his excellent skills!!!

As anyone who knows wrestling will know, Kendo Nagasaki is a true icon of the sport – and for very good reasons – he has had a very long and successful career at the pinnacle of wrestling because of the sheer excellence of his skills.

The full range of Kendo’s athletic and combat skills and the heights to which he has developed them are truly remarkable, and all of this formed the foundation for his supreme means of expression – wrestling.

And the sheer breadth and extent of Kendo’s skills have manifested in so many fascinating, inspiring, admirable, frightening, entertaining, and always indomitable ways, that for many years they have elevated British wrestling to supreme heights.

Kendo, therefore, continues to be a true sensei, a master of his craft, and even as a terrifying opponent, he is one who will require the very best from his combatants, further raising the standard of the great sport of wrestling, treating its fans to displays of supreme skill, unimaginable attacks, crushing defeats of his adversaries, and always absolute excellence of skill.

It is against this historically illustrious background that the present situation has arisen – by being insolent enough to try to impose restrictions on how Kendo Nagasaki should wrestle, LDN Wrestling have sought to lower the bar, reduce the standards, eliminate the element of unpredictability, dumb things down, and rob deserving audiences of the top-class combat entertainment they have every right to expect.

Not only is this shameful in principle and outright bad for the sport of wrestling, but to assume they know better than Britain’s greatest exponent of the craft is insanely arrogant and ignorant. It robs audiences of excellence, it deprives other wrestlers of the chance to fight the best and raise their game, and it’s a triumph of executive ego over genuine wrestling skill – SHAME on them!!!

You, the wrestling fans, deserve better!!!

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