Don’t Forget – Monday at 13:13 – May’s Healing Event

Here is a quick reminder that May’s Distant Healing Event occurs on Monday at 13:13 hours, or 1:13 pm.

Be prepared for your intuitive self to reveal subtle messages to you; in healing terms, Kendo’s empowerment takes the form of discovering the energies that have compromised your health, and, in discovering them, understanding how to re-direct them to restore personal balance and potency.

You should reflect upon Kendo’s Healing Message for May (below), and then concentrate on his Hand-Eye-Hexagram Empowerment image, then close your eyes and keep the image in your mind’s eye whilst reciting the Empowerment Mantra to yourself: “It is by harnessing the power of Kendo Nagasaki that I become the samurai master of my life.”

Any contemplation of Kendo Nagasaki is immensely empowering, especially in healing terms, and he wishes deep empowerment to you all.

One Response to Don’t Forget – Monday at 13:13 – May’s Healing Event

  • Fiona McNabb says:

    Dear Mr Nagasaki,

    Thankyou for your intrigueing website.

    Being a healer and Holistic Therapist myself, of some years, I am most interested in your philosophy of healing energies as I believe that everyone possesses the ability to heal but many people don’t know how to channel their energies. I also believe in the power of the mind, and we can achieve any goal or dream purely by using the mind. So, perhaps the power of my mind will encourage you to e mail me as I would love to discuss this subject further with you and compare notes. Timor Omnis Abesto. Love and light, Fiona.