Kendo Nagasaki

Kendo in Corrie!

Viewers of Monday’s Coronation Street were treated to a surprise introduction to Kendo Nagasaki!

In the Rover’s Return, Dennis Tanner was responding to Ken Barlowe’s downcast mood following being assaulted by his wayward grandson. Dennis went on to relate a tale of two wrestlers – one called “Half Nelson”, and the great Kendo Nagasaki!

Emily Bishop’s eyes lit up at the mention of Kendo! She described him as always wearing a mask, and how Ernest and she used to tune in on Saturdays to see him.

Dennis described how, in a particular wrestling match, Kendo was giving Half Nelson “…a right pasting…” – with the highly animated support of a fiesty grandmother at the ring-side, and how the old lady was so excited about the action going on in the wrestling ring.

Dennis said that even though Half Nelson had been thoroughly battered by Kendo, he was still smiling, because he had helped make the old lady so happy. His point to Ken was that it doesn’t matter what people think of you – as Rita Sullivan said, people respect Ken, rather than thinking of him as being taken advantage of by his grandson.

Dennis finished his point by saying that Ken should think himself lucky that his grandson was “…no Kendo Nagasaki!”

Kendo is, of course, famous for giving all his opponents the opportunity to please the audience by being on the receiving end of “…a right pasting…”! However, Kendo can also make you feel better with his mysticical talents too, which are a lot safer!

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Kendo Asks Everyone to Help with Aid for the
Japanese Earthquake & Tsunami Aftermath…

The magnitude 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami which both hit the North-East coast of Japan on 11th March 2011 have caused destruction nothing short of catastrophic. Hundreds of thousands of people have been drastically affected; it will take some time yet to even establish all the lives which have been lost, but of immediate concern are all those left homeless, and in situations where food and clean water are extremely scarce. The needs of so many for shelter and support is just vast, and will continue to be for some considerable time.

The Japanese people are extremely hardy, resourceful, and independent, and will doubtless show exemplary courage, optimism, and determination in rebuilding their country and their lives, but their blameless immediate need cannot help but call for a supportive response from the rest of the world – lives that have been so arbitrarily shattered result in souls in great need of the compassionate awareness of others. Kendo Nagasaki asks all to heed that call: beyond the requirement of the human condition for the individual to grow is the higher soul aspiration of encouraging the growth of the whole of human consciousness, and by giving aid, suffering in many forms is addressed, and the greater good is served on many levels.

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Kendo writes an Insightful Foreword to a new photo-portrait book

Renowned professional photographer, Katinka Herbert, spent 8 years travelling Mexico making the arrangements to photograph the “Luchadores”, the acrobatic and visually spectacular masked men of Mexican wrestling. What would be the best way to introduce a collection of exquisite portraits of these amazing masked men? Why, a foreword from probably the most famous masked wrestler of them all, Kendo Nagasaki, of course!

Here’s a small section from Katinka’s portrait photograph of Kendo, and the cover of her book, “Slam”:


Here’s Kendo’s Foreword to Katinka’s book:

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The Sun Features Kendo in “Wrestling’s 101 Strangest Matches”

Oliver Hurley’s book could hardly have been complete without this spectacular reference to Kendo!

Fan, The_K_Juice, comments:

“I remember this match. I guess I was 10 at the time and I totally believed it all, he was like a Jedi or something. I had nightmares about it for weeks!! I was lucky enough to meet Kendo a while back, of course, he didn’t say anything but he understood exactly what I was saying, must have been his ‘powers’. What a legend.”

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The Kendo Nagasaki Website is Re-Launched!

With its new “Look and Feel”, browsing the Kendo Nagasaki website is a whole new experience! More new and upgraded features will be coming to, including more videos and pictures, an e-shop, a feedback forum, an upgraded blog, and Kendo’s amazing power meditations.

Keep watching this space –

Kendo Appears at the Stoke-on-Trent
Centenary Celebrations at Tunstall Park

On Sunday, Kendo arrived at Tunstall Park in his yellow Lamborghini, to perform his time-honoured cleansing ritual in the wrestling ring, at a special day out as part of the Stoke-on-Trent Centenary Celebrations. Organised by Councillor David Conway (pictured above with Kendo), the event was well-attended, with many Kendo fans seeking autographs and photos with him. Atlantis Chronos Goth commented, “Kendo is always ready to support Stoke-on-Trent, because his career effectively began here, at the Victoria Hall. As ever, Councillor Conway had arranged a well-managed and most enjoyable day out, and all Kendo’s fans were delighted to see him there.”

Here’s to another great century for Stoke!

Furious Fall-out as Kendo takes a stand against Mediocrity!

Kendo Nagasaki is infuriated as LDN try to impose restrictions on his excellent skills!!!

As anyone who knows wrestling will know, Kendo Nagasaki is a true icon of the sport – and for very good reasons – he has had a very long and successful career at the pinnacle of wrestling because of the sheer excellence of his skills.

The full range of Kendo’s athletic and combat skills and the heights to which he has developed them are truly remarkable, and all of this formed the foundation for his supreme means of expression – wrestling.

And the sheer breadth and extent of Kendo’s skills have manifested in so many fascinating, inspiring, admirable, frightening, entertaining, and always indomitable ways, that for many years they have elevated British wrestling to supreme heights.

Kendo, therefore, continues to be a true sensei, a master of his craft, and even as a terrifying opponent, he is one who will require the very best from his combatants, further raising the standard of the great sport of wrestling, treating its fans to displays of supreme skill, unimaginable attacks, crushing defeats of his adversaries, and always absolute excellence of skill.

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Kendo Nagasaki’s Sensational Return to Wolverhampton Civic!!!

Following extensive press, radio, and television promotion of Kendo Nagasaki’s return to the
Wolverhampton Civic, the night itself was sensational!

Atlantis Chronos Goth opened Kendo’s bout by announcing that having wrestled all over Britain and indeed all over the world, Kendo chose the Wolves Civic for his ceremonial unmasking because he regards the venue as his spiritual home…

The audience really appreciated this connection with the great man, and they applauded enthusiastically. Then it was down to business for another sensational and brutal wrestling match!

The match was originally intended to be Kendo Nagasaki versus Yorghos Christopoulos, but Kendo had previously decided that Yorghos did not deserve the honour of such a competition, and that he and his familiar tag team partner Blondie Barrett should instead challenge LDN for their tag team belts! Yorghos did not know this until he was actually in the ring, but Atlantis soon set him straight, and told him to go and find a tag team to oppose Nagasaki and Barrett.

Yorghos must have been furious! After having been so battered by Kendo in their previous match at Hanley, he was no doubt aching for some pay-back against Nagasaki, but he was brutally shut out of the competition; Kendo certainly knows how to treat his adversaries with contempt! However, Yorghos left the ring, and found the tag team of Hakan and Alan Lee Travis who had accompanied LDN to the venue. Hakan too had a bone to pick with Nagasaki, as he, too, had been brutally dispatched by Nagasaki at Hanley – it had been so severe that his courage at facing Nagasaki again was admirable, if more than foolhardy! Poor Travis had no idea of the baptism of fire he was about to endure!

So, the two tag teams faced each other across the ring – Kendo Nagasaki and Blondie Barrett versus Travis and Hakan; Kendo had a serious score to settle with any tag team including Hakan, as he, in combination with Yorghos, had stolen the Sword of Excellence from Kendo at a book and poster signing session in Grays in July, and while Kendo had slapped them both about in Hanley, his memory is long and his vengeance is total! While Hakan had had time to recover and perhaps train-up in some new techniques, he must have known that he was most likely to be battered once again!

And that is precisely what happened… Kendo could barely restrain his fury, and ended up with 2 public warnings against him, but he also took a clean first fall against Hakan, who had been subjected to the customary vicious Nagasaki “softening-up”! The highlight of the match came when Kendo threw Travis over the top rope onto the floor outside the ring, and attacked him with a table! This was followed by the time-keeper’s bell, which Kendo hurled into Travis’s stomach with a “smack!” which echoed around the entire Wolves Civic!

At this point, the entire audience were on their feet in outrage at witnessing the two baby-faces Hakan and Travis being so comprehensively slapped around by Nagasaki and Barrett. These days it’s rare for a wrestling announcer to have to appeal to the audience to take their seats, but this is what happened here out of sheer necessity… Missiles had also begun to rain down into the ring, so effective was Nagasaki’s brand of rule-bending brutality!

Hakan had also been booted out of the ring, but he hauled himself back in to protest to the ref, but Blondie Barrett intercepted him and beat him into a corner post, and while the ref was attending to the in-ring action, Nagasaki casually booted Travis in the face as he attempted to get back into the ring, and he collapsed once again at the feet of the sudience.

Eventually, the crowd calmed down and Travis dragged himself back into the ring, but Kendo swiftly made the result a formality by subjecting him to a body-slam and shoulder-press, gaining the winning fall.

Yorghos re-appeared at the end of the match, outraged at how his fellow LDN wrestlers had been so completely dominated, and, no doubt, still furious and deeply frustrated that he had been shut out of the match, but Atlantis gave him an ominous warning that he would be dealt with in due course! He got a little quieter after that!

Kendo scoring the winning fall on Travis

It was an intense and energy-packed evening, and as usual Kendo had polarised the audience – some hated him, but the majority – including a large group of metal-heads – congratulated Kendo and wanted to pose for pictures with him.

Kendo had once again shown total dominance, to the delight of the audience, both his long-term fans, and new appreciators of his awesome power.

Coverage of the event by the media had been extensive, including pre-match radio and television spots, and articles by Wolverhampton’s Express and Star newspaper, and an excellent web article by BBC Black Country, as seen below.

The BBC also covered the match itself, showing a video feature of the match on BBC Midlands Today in the evening, showing that Kendo deservedly remains as popular as ever!


The BBC and Press Preview Kendo’s Next Match in
Wolverhampton on 29th October!

Following a Press Conference at Wolverhampton’s Civic Hall, the BBC and Wolverhampton’s Express and Star newspaper have posted online articles about Kendo Nagasaki and the forthcoming match against Yorghos Christopoulos on 29th October…

See the BBC Black Country article here

See the Express and Star online article (includes video) here

See the Express and Star printed article here