Mick McManus – the Nagasaki Perspective

Here at the Kendo Nagasaki Retreat, in line with Kendo’s teachings, we do not view passing as final – it is merely a change of state – the soul of Mick McManus continues on.

Kendo also says that people can have a karmic duty to fulfil a certain role, to portray a certain image, and, as a heel in the ring, Mick McManus challenged conceptions of right and wrong.

McManus also wielded influence behind-the-scenes as well – an excellent networker, he infiltrated the organisation of wrestling, to the extent of being able to influence the arrangement of matches, and even prevent his rivals from getting top-billing matches, booking himself instead. He eventually wielded very great influence in wrestling promotions in general.

Therefore, to both the public and to his contemporaries in wrestling, McManus was dangerous – intelligent, a subversive renegade – a karmic role he fulfilled very well.

Kendo would therefore say that there is more to Mick McManus than how he has been perceived, and this should be reflected upon; the actions of McManus have provided many and varied lessons for us all, but his soul is clearly that of a conscientious warrior, who has worked hard and successfully towards the enlightenment of people through his relationships. His lifetime has enriched the world for a great many, in ways they may not even realise.

Kendo Nagasaki’s position is that, in accord with the foregoing, the life of Mick McManus is to be celebrated, respected, reflected upon, and appreciated on many levels.

One Response to Mick McManus – the Nagasaki Perspective

  • Nick Thompson says:

    A very worthwhile comment, I was unaware until I read the obit in the telegraph that Mick McManus was a matchmaker and held considerable backroom power in the world of wrestling. I was an avid fan as a young’un in the 1970’s and still watch some of those old bouts on YouTube. To me its a more entertaining form of the art than the glitz of WWF/WWE etc. Kendo Nagasaki was one of the best in those days so the reflections here are valued. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the entertainment and inspiration you have provided.