Kendo Masks are HERE!!!

We Have Masks…

Nagasaki Media Ltd. is proud to announce the arrival of Kendo Nagasaki masks!

It has been a long and difficult process specifying how the masks must be made, finding tailors who could be trusted with the making of the masks, assessing the craftsmanship of the many sample masks submitted, applying rigorous quality control during the process of making of the masks, and ensuring that each mask is excellent value-for-money, but we now finally have the end result – Kendo Nagasaki masks of first-rate quality, completely authentic and good enough to be worn by Kendo himself.

The masks will appear on the Kendo Nagasaki online store during the first week of June, coinciding with the appearance of a re-launched and improved online store, and this, too, will be announced here.

The first set of Kendo Nagasaki masks to be made available are in all four traditional colours from Kendo’s World of Sport years – red, black, blue, and purple – and to help you decide which one you want first, they will all be pictured on the web store.

So, to all of you who have waited so patiently for an authentic Kendo Nagasaki wrestling mask, the wait is finally over! The stock is here, ready to be rushed to you as soon as everything is uploaded to the new web store. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

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