Kendo’s New Healing Mini-site

Kendo’s Monthly Healing Messages will appear on his new Healing mini-site

In response to demand, Kendo has had a new mini-website dedicated to healing set up in its own space.

There is an initial explanation of the new mini-site, the theories and techniques of healing, how to get healing from Kendo, a Blog dedicated to healing, and a contact page – all-in-all, a small space dedicated solely to this important field.

As you will see, there is now a new link to the Healing mini-site on the navigation bar on every page of the main website, so anyone interested can access the new site easily at any time, and from anywhere else on the Kendo website.

We hope you like the Healing mini-site, and if you’re looking for June’s inspiring Healing Message from Kendo, you’ll find it on the blog on the Healing site.


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