Kendo Nagasaki’s return to the Victoria Hall delivers a stunning and spectacular match in the battle for the Sword of Excellence..!

Following the wildly-misguided actions of Yorghos and Hakan in pilfering the Sword of Excellence from Kendo Nagasaki at Grays in July, the match to settle the score took place on Saturday 20th September at Hanley’s Victoria Hall. As many would have seen on LDN Wrestling’s news features, Yorghos and Hakan had chosen a ladder match to decide who should claim the Sword, and the resulting match was unbelievable and violent mayhem!

Read Eric Holmes’ gripping Match Report, and see the match write-up from
Hanley’s local newspaper, The Sentinel, here…

The Sentinel Newspaper writes about Kendo Nagasaki’s return to the Victoria Hall, Hanley, on 20th September 2008, and about the forthcoming mysterious movie, "Kendo Nagasaki: Genesis in Portrait"

Genesis In Portrait

The above picture is a single frame from the animated painting which features in the movie, “Kendo Nagasaki: Genesis in Portrait”. As the title suggests, the movie will dramatically depict some of the mysterious origins of Kendo Nagasaki – his genesis – as well as the stunning new portrait painted by Burslem-based artist Rob Pointon.

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Kendo Nagasaki returns to the Victoria Hall, Hanley,
as the Sword of Excellence Feud Continues..!

In a move of incredible insolence, Yorghos, the LDN Wrestling champion, accompanied by Hakan, snatched the Sword of Excellence from Kendo Nagasaki’s merchandise table while the legendary star was signing autographs at Grays on 19th July. Yorghos claimed he intended to return the sword to Robbie Brookside, as he felt Brookside deserved it. Atlantis Chronos Goth warned Yorghos about how dangerous his actions would be for him and for Hakan, but he just walked away with the sword. Kendo Nagasaki is scheduled to meet Yorghos and Hakan in the ring on 20th September, and, as Atlantis said, there will be Hell to pay for their actions!!!

Also to be featured on the night will be the first public screening of a unique animation of Kendo Nagasaki, as seen through the eyes of an artist.

It’s going to be a HELL of a night – BE THERE!!!

Kendo Nagasaki Returns to the Ring in Characteristically
Brutal Style!!!

The blood feud originating in the partnership of Lloyd Ryan and Robbie Brookside collaborating against Kendo Nagasaki boiled over in a match packed with action and controversy – and all this occurred in addition to the spectacular return to the ring of the greatest icon of British wrestling, who was as brutal as he has ever been!

Kendo Nagasaki and Atlantis Chronos Goth pictured immediately before the match at Grays.

Life-long Midlands wrestling fan Eric Holmes has written a blistering Match Report here

Atlantis Chronos Goth Introduced at LDN Wrestling’s
“Legends Showdown”

The face behind the recent commentaries from Kendo Nagasaki was revealed at LDN Wrestling’s Legends Showdown at Broxbourne Civic Hall on 14th November 2007. In many ways, it was a highly controversial show!

Read an Introduction to Atlantis Chronos Goth here.

Read the full story of the Legends show below…

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Lloyd Ryan is Disloyal to Kendo Nagasaki!

In an astonishing outburst, Lloyd Ryan is publicly disloyal to Kendo Nagasaki!

Following the chaotic conclusion to the Kendo Nagasaki Sword of Excellence show at Bath, at which Robbie Brookside was not awarded the Sword of Excellence and then overturned Kendo Nagasaki’s merchandise table, Lloyd Ryan has taken a position in conflict with Kendo Nagasaki.

In an interview with LDN Wrestling, Lloyd Ryan publicly stated that he disagreed with Kendo Nagasaki regarding the outcome of the match – he said he felt that Brookside won the match and should be awarded the Sword of Excellence. He said in the dressing-room immediately after the match, he’d challenged Kendo on this point, stating that he felt that Brookside should be awarded the Sword of Excellence.

We can confirm that this did happen, and for Lloyd Ryan to question the wisdom of Kendo Nagasaki is outrageous – it’s ignorant, insubordinate and arrogant.

At the conclusion of the LDN interview, Lloyd Ryan stated that he wanted nothing more to do with Kendo Nagasaki, referring to him as “…a being who is pure evil…”, and he then had the insolence to state that Kendo Nagasaki had “…offended the ancestors…”.

Atlantis Chronos Goth responds:

“Lloyd Ryan is a great disappointment to us – his outburst on Television about Kendo Nagasaki and myself was rife with the insubordination and disloyalty of a misguided underling. Lloyd Ryan should regard Kendo Nagasaki as a master on absolutely every level – it is outrageous that he should attempt to second-guess such a true master. If these outbursts continue, and if he acts against us, Ryan will feel the full force of our combined powers, which is a force that no wrestler could resist, let alone a mere manager!”

Uproar At The Sword of Excellence Tournament!!!

Saturday 22nd September saw the Final of the Kendo Nagasaki Sword of Excellence
tournament at The Pavillion in Bath – but things did NOT go according to plan!

Firstly, Phil Powers was put under Nagasaki’s mysterious influence, and he claims to still be suffering from disorienting side-effects, long after the event.

But Kendo Nagasaki was not satisfied that the winner of the tournament, Robbie Brookside, had wrestled with true excellence – so Kendo withheld the Sword, refusing to award it to Brookside!

Brookside was not happy! After the non-ceremony was all over, Brookside stormed over to where Kendo was signing autographs, and overturned Kendo’s table of merchandise, and in the resulting confusion, an almost-life-size image of Kendo was lost. Kendo is most displeased at this insulting behaviour!

Brookside is claiming to be “blazing mad”, and that he won the Sword of Excellence fairly, and should have been presented with it; there is, of course, bad blood between Kendo and Brookside, ever since Kendo’s mysterious influence paralysed Brookside some 20 years ago.

The story is picked up and commented upon by a long-time disciple of Kendo Nagasaki, Atlantis Chronos Goth: “The eye of Nagasaki is on Robbie Brookside!”

Says Atlantis: “Robbie Brookside behaved like an immature fool at LDN’s Kendo Nagasaki Sword Of Excellence presentation. Kendo Nagasaki rightly judged Brookside as being unworthy of receiving the sword, and the tantrum Brookside then threw was an insult to Kendo Nagasaki, disrupting his time with his fans, damaging his merchandise, and causing the disappearance of a life-size image of Kendo Nagasaki. We hold Brookside responsible for the return of the image, and Brookside is put on notice that there will be Hell to pay for his insulting and outrageous behaviour!

Brookside – Prepare for an earth-shaking reckoning!!!”

The “reckoning”, in all its fury, could well come at The Legends Showdown, at
Broxbourne Civic Hall on 24th November – watch this space!

Kendo Nagasaki performed the Salt Ceremony after opening the Stoke-on-Trent Festival.

On 2nd September 2007, Stoke-on-Trent held it’s annual Festival in Tunstall Park.

Because of his extensive and long-term connections with Stoke and the surrounding area, Kendo was happy to appear at the Festival, at the invitation of Councillor David Conway, who is an unabashed Kendo fan!

Kendo arrived with his entourage in 3 vehicles, Kendo himself being chauffeured in his mint-condition Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III.

There was a wrestling tournament as one of the attractions, and Kendo agreed to bless the wrestling ring with his characteristic Ceremony of the Salt. Following this, Kendo signed autographs and allowed fans to have their pictures taken with him.

More pictures below:

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The Kendo Nagasaki Sword of Excellence.

Kendo Nagasaki has had a special Samurai Sword made to commemorate excellence.
The Sword of Excellence will be presented to the wrestler who most completely demonstrates excellence in his craft.

Ever the teacher, mentor, and seeker of excellence, Kendo Nagasaki has had a special Samurai Sword made to commemorate excellence. The Sword of Excellence will be presented to the wrestler who most completely demonstrates excellence in his craft. The Sword of Excellence is more than a trophy – it is a validation of the highest level of skill, discipline, and dedication to excellence – truly, a glorious prize.

More pictures below:

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Kendo Nagasaki – The Secret of Jenson Button’s Success!

– – – Hot news from the world of Formula 1 motorsport – – –

Jenson Button’s Honda Motorsport team has revealed that Kendo Nagasaki has been instrumental in their increasing success, which culminated with Jenson’s first Formula 1 win…

Here’s the revelation as posted on’s website:

This is undoubtedly an amusing article, but Kendo Nagasaki does, in fact, mentor a number of professional competition teams in various sports. Application of various aspects of the Occult Wisdom has resulted in some remarkable successes, but the details of the clients and programs are kept strictly confidential…

A Journalist gets in the ring with Kendo – unwise move!!!

Cole Moreton, Journalist for The Independent newspaper, is
reckless enough to see how it feels to face Kendo in the ring!

Moreton writes:

“I’m choking. Kendo Nagasaki, the most frightening wrestler this country ever produced, has got me in a three-quarter nelson: my head is in the crook of his elbow; his forearm is tight against my throat and he’s lifting it. I can’t breathe. I’m seeing stars, hearing popping sounds in my neck and trying not to pass out. So I bang my palm against his leg, which feels like steel cable under his red leggings, but he won’t stop.

When he does let me go I am in agony. And it’s all my fault. You’ve got to expect pain if you’re stupid enough to climb into a ring with a masked man so vicious he was kept off the television early in his career, before becoming a superstar of Saturday afternoon wrestling in its heyday…”

Read the whole entertaining article below:

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The BBC’s "H2G2" (Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) Encyclopedia Features Kendo

Born in April 1999, h2g2 styles itself as “…an unconventional guide to life, the universe, and everything…”, after Douglas Adams’ brilliant work.

No such guide would be complete without a feature on Kendo, and their contribution on the great sensei is significantly more comprehensive than the only other two “legends” included, Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks.

Here’s what they had to say about Kendo:

Kendo Nagasaki

“A true enigma of the British wrestling scene, the man known as Kendo Nagasaki was a part of the industry for nearly 40 years and, in that time, cultivated a legend that endures to this day. Hidden behind a red mask lined with white stripes to simulate the imposing visage of the headgear worn in a formal kendo match and maintaining a stony silence, Kendo Nagasaki was an intimidating sight to behold both in and out of the ring. This combined with a genuine understanding of the theatrical aspect of professional wrestling and a certain degree of athleticism made him an effective performer and a superb villain.

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Hugely Informative Web-chat Article in The Sun, 18th Feb 2003

The Sun’s Sport section announced that it would submit reader’s questions to
Kendo, and they got a huge response.

However, typical of the mysterious man, they weren’t sure if Kendo would reply! However, Paul Yates was involved with Kendo at the time (not least for the excellent “Masters Of The Canvas” Arena documentary), and he mediated between Kendo and The Sun to help answer the fans’ questions.

As it had been a previously-announced event, The Sun were able to choose from a huge number of questions, selecting a series of excellent and pertinent questions, many of which will find their way to a “Frequently Asked Questions” section on Kendo.

Read the whole fascinating Sun Sport article here:

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“Who Is That Masked Man?”

“The Observer” Sport Monthly – special article on Kendo Nagasaki

The original picture from The Observer magazine

Author of “The Wrestling”, Simon Garfield, pens a stunningly comprehensive article on Kendo for The Observer Magazine. Click on “Continue Reading” below to see the entire extensive article.

In his heyday Kendo Nagasaki – brutal, silent and with a hint of Samurai savagery – was the most celebrated British wrestler of them all. Twenty years on, he is still protected by a loyal entourage and the mystique remains. As his final bout looms, the man with the sword gives up some of his secrets – in his own, unconventional way

Nagasaki, a man who has earned fame by beating other men until they cry for mercy, is walking around Finsbury in north London in search of a place where he can have his photograph taken. He has short brown hair, a narrow face with a prominent and slightly pinched nose, and deeply set eyes that squint in the sunlight. He wears a dark jacket and black trousers, newly shined shoes, a nice fat metallic watch which he consults to find he is a little early. He has three men with him – his manager, his driver, and his website designer. I recognise his manager first, and call out his name: ‘Lloyd!’ At this moment, Kendo takes something from his pocket. It is a soft, worn woollen face mask, black with white vertical stripes, and he pulls it on with alarm. It tightens at the back with those little pop-stoppers you find on baseball caps. He looks menacing, he causes the traffic to slow. On this balmy Wednesday afternoon he believes it is as important as ever to keep up appearances.

Kendo and his friends find the photographer’s studio and move straight for the changing room. This was one of Kendo’s two stipulations: a separate changing area screened by a curtain. The second was a request for photo approval, which might seem a strange demand from a person who wears a mask. ‘He’s not as young as he was, and wants to make sure he looks good,’ his manager explained. ‘He doesn’t want to blow the image at this stage.’ The picture approval was modified to a permission to view the Polaroids.

He emerged from the changing area looking like a man from Japan, only taller. He had a black and gold metal visor, beneath which he had changed the black mask to red. He had a red and silver tunic, red vest and tights, high lace-up boots, a polished breastplate and in padded gloves he held an elegant sword. In truth, it could have been anyone in there, but I knew it was Kendo because he spent the next three hours without speaking a word.

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