The Store is NOW WORKING!!!

The new Store is now WORKING!!!

I can’t promise that there will be absolutely no further issues, but the double-charging issue is now fixed!

This must have been what Kendo refers to as a “focussed obstacle” – an additional temporary challenge which arises in the heat of an intense moment to test what we’re all about; well, folks, in keeping with the Teachings, we’ve toiled ceaselessly to overcome the issue, not knowing how it would be done, but, as is so often the case, the problem emerged because it simply couldn’t escape the Kendo gaze!

Please accept our apologies once again for the setback – you may now shop with confidence! (Please do!)

Best wishes


One Response to The Store is NOW WORKING!!!

  • DYLAN says:

    God you would be a superb tag partner for kendo….you got fire there lady!!!!!!Any way cheers for the reassurance…..
    I did apiece on Kendo for the works mag i will reproduce it here asap…..i hope it works for you as it does for me.I voiced ideas and options and choices about Kendo , regarding the wrestling world and his spiritual background.There would be younger people yet to discover the enigma,therefore i kept my absolute personal opiions private but gave them a balanced view to decide.Ihope its ok for you when i pass it on to the site cheers Dylan.