Kendo’s Empowerment Meditation is HERE!

The wait is over! Kendo Nagasaki has now released his
Empowerment Meditation!

The meditation has been developed from the guided meditations as practised by Kendo Nagasaki at his Retreat, and it has his spiritual wisdom at its foundation. This is a true meditation, which gently and completely stills the conscious mind, and takes the listener on a journey to theta-state relaxation, which is the same level achieved by Buddhist monks after many years of practice.

You will hear the sounds of music, of nature, and Kendo’s specially-tuned singing bowls, as you are guided to a state of complete peace; with your consciousness completely at rest, the timeless wisdom of your intuitive self becomes available to you, and all the deeper levels of your self can come into balance. You will find the deep, centred peace at the heart of the spiritual warrior.

A 20-page booklet is included, which contains exquisite portrait photographs and explanations of the seven most symbolically-significant places in the grounds of Kendo’s Retreat. Just as when visiting The Retreat, reflecting upon these places and their meaning before meditation deepens your experience, and helps to reveal your own life’s path, and how best to live whilst travelling it.

Kendo’s Empowerment Meditation is a cornerstone of all his Pathways to Power – it is fundamental to health and well-being, to seeking spiritual wisdom, to self-improvement, to success and achievement, and – crucially – to healing; it is only by dispelling worry and finding the voice of your intuition that you can begin to understand the basis of the challenge of a health issue, and the deep relaxation and intuitive awareness facilitated by this meditation place you in the best possible state for receiving healing energies.

For everyone in search of confidence, inspiration, wisdom, strength, healing, balance, and inner peace, this meditation is a unique, profound, and genuinely empowering experience; start using it today – it will change your life!

New Kendo Art!

Appearing in the Nagasaki Web Store today is a new item of art – a poster of the fantastic painting of “Impressions of Nagasaki”, by Mike Furniss.

You might have seen the painting in videos of Kendo sat at his desk, and those who have been lucky enough to have attended The Retreat and seen his office for themselves will know just how dynamic the painting is – Kendo appreciates it so much that it’s been hung along with his cherished Dan Grade Certificate as hand-written by sensei Kenshiro Abbe.

We’ve done everything possible to do justice to this fantastic painting – it’s been digitally photographed in super-high definition and printed on high-quality glossy paper, and is reproduced life-size, the same as the original, with the colours carefully matched to the contrast and saturation of the original. Even the depth and grain of the oil paint on the canvas is faithfully reproduced.

All the foregoing faithfully reveals the true depth of the artist’s talent – Mike Furniss’s keen eye for movement and dynamism has found an ideal subject in Kendo Nagasaki, and each and every vignette is alive with Kendo’s power and dynamism.

Get yours today! In every respect, from subject to execution, this painting, these “Impressions of Nagasaki” comprise a true work of art.

The Official “Event” Pictures!

Honoured Guests of the 13/11/13 “Event”: – please find yourselves and Download!

To all who attended “The Kendo Nagasaki Special Event” on 13/11/13, here are all the Official Pictures!

You are welcome to download the pictures, and you have two options – you can download the picture as it appears in the Blog, or you can download a full-size version…

If you want the picture in the size that you see it in the blog (along with the other pictures), just right-click on the picture, and choose “Save image as…”, and you will be able to save the picture to your computer.

If you’d like to have the full-size version of a picture, click on the picture, and it will open in a new window, showing a full-size version of the picture, scaled to your browser window. You can then zoom in, if you want to.

To download the full-size picture, whilst looking at it in the new, bigger window, right-click on the picture, and choose “Save image as…”, and you will be able to save the image to your computer.

…then please let’s have some feedback – we’d welcome hearing your thoughts on these pictures of the great day!

































































Kendo is Honoured in a Major Japanese Wrestling Magazine!

A Japanese Journalist’s Report from The Retreat!

Professional Wrestling in Japan is a big deal – Japan is described as one of the “Big Three” in the world regarding the popularity of professional wrestling, which makes it a very big business indeed. Foremost among publications covering Japanese professional wrestling is G-spirits Magazine, and the issue released on 25th September 2013 carried a major feature on Kendo Nagasaki.

We were contacted by Japanese wrestling journalist Mr. Hiroshi Arai, who wanted to write a comprehensive article on Britain’s iconic wrestling superstar, and, as he comes from the land of Kendo’s ancestors, we decided that the only possible response was to invite him to The Retreat and honour him with hospitality and an open-ness to Kendo Nagasaki which was appropriate to his interest.

Arai-san came all the way from Tokyo to spend a long day with us, and he was extremely thorough in his journalistic investigation – he must have taken a hundred photographs, and, including email follow-ups, asked several hundred questions, and the resulting article is a triumph, not only of information on Kendo Nagasaki the wrestler, but also the insights into Kendo’s links with ancient Japan which are included. Indeed, the title (in red Japanese kanji text) opens the article with this very mystery…

We will be bringing you a translation of the article in due course, but until then, here is the G-spirits article on the mysterious phenomenon which this prestigious Japanese magazine refers to as “The Legendary British Samurai, Kendo Nagasaki”.

KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 001KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 002KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 003KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 004KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 005KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 006KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 007KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 008KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 009KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 010KN_G-Spirits_Sept13 011

Stunning New Kendo T-shirt Now Available!

Brand New Wearable Nagasaki Art!


An amazing new item of Kendo gear has just arrived with us – it’s a modern line-art illustration in vivid colour of Kendo in his signature pose, brandishing his samurai sword, just as he does before a wrestling match, to suitably terrify his opponent!

Called the “Indomitable Spirit” artwork, this sentiment, so typical of Kendo and his ancestors, is also present in Japanese script, as is Kendo’s classic signature.

This really is a most striking portrayal of Kendo Nagasaki, not just because of how clearly his classic stance is depicted, but also because the style of the art seems to give new insights into his power and poise… it’s as if he’s about to leap into devastatingly-skilful action!

This shirt will identify you as someone who appreciates all the skill and strength that Kendo Nagasaki represents, and as someone who has a keen eye for living modern art – get yours exclusively at the Nagasaki Web Store NOW!

17th November WOS Wrestling Event at the Fairfield Halls, Croydon.

We have been in direct contact with Mr. John Chapman of WOS Wrestling Ltd., and have found his plans to be ambitious and interesting. While Kendo Nagasaki will not be appearing at the November 17th event at The Fairfield Halls, Croydon, we wish Mr. Chapman and WOS Wrestling well, and look forward to watching developments unfold, which will no doubt be of great interest to all British wrestling fans, and hopefully include extensive television coverage. The option of Kendo Nagasaki’s involvement in future events is certainly a possibility – watch this space for details!

…did you notice the new Forum???

We are proud to announce the launch of our new, up-rated Forum – it’s really impressive!

We’ve kept all the posts from the original forum, as well as everybody’s original usernames, so do please check it out, and start a conversation!

The only complication we had was that users’ original passwords couldn’t be carried over to the new Forum – passwords are encrypted, so we couldn’t access it at all, but at least it shows that such data is secure.

All previous forum users should have received an email telling them how to set a new password on their original account; you’ll only have to do this once, so please do come back and join in.

If anyone has any problems retrieving their old username, just drop us a line at

Looking forward to seeing you all on the Forum!

Please Note: Comments on all Blog posts should be made in the Forum, which is the centre of discussions regarding Kendo Nagasaki.

Kendo’s New Healing Mini-site

Kendo’s Monthly Healing Messages will appear on his new Healing mini-site

In response to demand, Kendo has had a new mini-website dedicated to healing set up in its own space.

There is an initial explanation of the new mini-site, the theories and techniques of healing, how to get healing from Kendo, a Blog dedicated to healing, and a contact page – all-in-all, a small space dedicated solely to this important field.

As you will see, there is now a new link to the Healing mini-site on the navigation bar on every page of the main website, so anyone interested can access the new site easily at any time, and from anywhere else on the Kendo website.

We hope you like the Healing mini-site, and if you’re looking for June’s inspiring Healing Message from Kendo, you’ll find it on the blog on the Healing site.


Internet Problems…

“Hacking” Crashes our Website…

As many of you will have noticed, the availability of our website has been patchy over the last couple of days – and it’s set to go off again as we work to get round the problems.

According to our web hosting company, the physical server on which our site is hosted has been hacked, and is now being remotely-controlled to launch attacks on other computers. This has resulted in the hosting company shutting the server down, and all the web sites on it – it’s not just us…

However, the same server stopped responding yesterday, and the company said that an “upgrade” needed to be installed – which it was, and now, this…

This may mean that the fault may lie with the hosting company, and possible questionable upkeep and administration of their servers. The hosting company should have been able to prevent any outside infiltration, and also bring the websites on a compromised server back on line with a simple switch-over… Our web hosting company is one of the biggies, and none of this should have happened – there are many questions to be answered, and we’ll bring you the benefit of our experience.

Unfortunately, all this has delayed our shipping orders placed on the store, for which we apologise profusely, but this situation has been completely beyond our control. Please bear with us as we recover.

We are now making preparations to circumvent such problems in the future.

The Store is NOW WORKING!!!

The new Store is now WORKING!!!

I can’t promise that there will be absolutely no further issues, but the double-charging issue is now fixed!

This must have been what Kendo refers to as a “focussed obstacle” – an additional temporary challenge which arises in the heat of an intense moment to test what we’re all about; well, folks, in keeping with the Teachings, we’ve toiled ceaselessly to overcome the issue, not knowing how it would be done, but, as is so often the case, the problem emerged because it simply couldn’t escape the Kendo gaze!

Please accept our apologies once again for the setback – you may now shop with confidence! (Please do!)

Best wishes


Kendo Masks are HERE!!!

We Have Masks…

Nagasaki Media Ltd. is proud to announce the arrival of Kendo Nagasaki masks!

It has been a long and difficult process specifying how the masks must be made, finding tailors who could be trusted with the making of the masks, assessing the craftsmanship of the many sample masks submitted, applying rigorous quality control during the process of making of the masks, and ensuring that each mask is excellent value-for-money, but we now finally have the end result – Kendo Nagasaki masks of first-rate quality, completely authentic and good enough to be worn by Kendo himself.

The masks will appear on the Kendo Nagasaki online store during the first week of June, coinciding with the appearance of a re-launched and improved online store, and this, too, will be announced here.

The first set of Kendo Nagasaki masks to be made available are in all four traditional colours from Kendo’s World of Sport years – red, black, blue, and purple – and to help you decide which one you want first, they will all be pictured on the web store.

So, to all of you who have waited so patiently for an authentic Kendo Nagasaki wrestling mask, the wait is finally over! The stock is here, ready to be rushed to you as soon as everything is uploaded to the new web store. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

Mick McManus – the Nagasaki Perspective

Here at the Kendo Nagasaki Retreat, in line with Kendo’s teachings, we do not view passing as final – it is merely a change of state – the soul of Mick McManus continues on.

Kendo also says that people can have a karmic duty to fulfil a certain role, to portray a certain image, and, as a heel in the ring, Mick McManus challenged conceptions of right and wrong.

McManus also wielded influence behind-the-scenes as well – an excellent networker, he infiltrated the organisation of wrestling, to the extent of being able to influence the arrangement of matches, and even prevent his rivals from getting top-billing matches, booking himself instead. He eventually wielded very great influence in wrestling promotions in general.

Therefore, to both the public and to his contemporaries in wrestling, McManus was dangerous – intelligent, a subversive renegade – a karmic role he fulfilled very well.

Kendo would therefore say that there is more to Mick McManus than how he has been perceived, and this should be reflected upon; the actions of McManus have provided many and varied lessons for us all, but his soul is clearly that of a conscientious warrior, who has worked hard and successfully towards the enlightenment of people through his relationships. His lifetime has enriched the world for a great many, in ways they may not even realise.

Kendo Nagasaki’s position is that, in accord with the foregoing, the life of Mick McManus is to be celebrated, respected, reflected upon, and appreciated on many levels.

…contemplation is ongoing…

With the application deadline for attending Kendo’s Retreat Event on November 13th now passed, he is contemplating the entries.

In many cases, the quality of the reasoning and artistry submitted was outstanding, and Kendo will be relying on intuition from the spiritual planes to arrive at a final decision – it will take a little while consider all the applications and come to a decision, but we anticipate that it will occur within a week of the closing, or by 20th May.

Once again, all applicants are to be congratulated on their imagination, inspiration, reasoning, and the quality of their self-expression – it will not be an easy decision, but Kendo thanks you all.

Watch this space…

Don’t Forget – Monday at 13:13 – May’s Healing Event

Here is a quick reminder that May’s Distant Healing Event occurs on Monday at 13:13 hours, or 1:13 pm.

Be prepared for your intuitive self to reveal subtle messages to you; in healing terms, Kendo’s empowerment takes the form of discovering the energies that have compromised your health, and, in discovering them, understanding how to re-direct them to restore personal balance and potency.

You should reflect upon Kendo’s Healing Message for May (below), and then concentrate on his Hand-Eye-Hexagram Empowerment image, then close your eyes and keep the image in your mind’s eye whilst reciting the Empowerment Mantra to yourself: “It is by harnessing the power of Kendo Nagasaki that I become the samurai master of my life.”

Any contemplation of Kendo Nagasaki is immensely empowering, especially in healing terms, and he wishes deep empowerment to you all.

Kendo’s Healing Message for May

In May, Japan celebrates Tango-no-Sekku, one of several “children’s day” festivals which occur during the year.

Specifically, Tango-no-Sekku is a celebratory day for boys, and, unsurprisingly, themes of power, endurance, and dominance are prominent. These strengths are symbolised by the carp, a fish considered by the Japanese to be the most spirited, which fights its way upstream against any current however swift. Such determination to overcome any obstacle is considered an example of courage, and the determination to reach the highest levels of achievement. Success is considered to be the result of such determination to overcome life’s setbacks and difficulties; whilst not only being qualities upon which to call in the face of any challenge, such traits are also considered manly, and are consequently encouraged in Japan’s male children.

The example of the courageous and indomitable carp is given symbolic life in the many carp streamers that can be seen blowing in the wind in Japan during May, one per boy-child per family. The carp streamers are often accompanied by long streamers which first saw use after the Hojo clan’s victory over invading Mongols in May 1281, repelling none less than the great Kublai Khan. Subsequently, Samurai families erected the flags and streamers in celebration of the victory.

Kendo Nagasaki encourages the use of any symbol which inspires the warrior nature, and May’s carp streamers are a fine example. An even stronger connection exists between Kendo and the Hojo who defeated Kublai Khan and his invading forces (twice) – Kendo Nagasaki lived and fought in the Hojo dynasty, so May’s streamers of courage have a special significance to him.

With spring having arrived, the cherry trees in bloom and in the warmth of the sun, May is a month of inspiration to action, courage, determination. Whilst one need not fly one’s own carp streamers and banners, even imagining them dancing in the wind calls to mind the determination of the carp, and, just as in Japan, Kendo would enjoin all his followers to be empowered by that mental image. Just as in nature itself, we, too, can fight to “overcome any obstacle” in our pursuit of health, excellence, and success, and once so motivated, just recalling the image re-energises the determination.

Kendo Nagasaki’s healing message for May is to follow the indomitable example of the carp, and overcome any and all obstacles.